Could Not Complete The Challenge

Week 3 of the Quick Start Challenge has been one of I been unable to complete in time for the Sunday deadline.

In the live webinar Dean spoke a lot about how few people actually bother to do anything once they have signed up for a programme or bought a product.

In the previous 2 weeks challenges only around 200 out of 900 people actually did the challenge and submitted it to them and unfortunately this week I have joined them in not being able to complete the challenge on time.

We had been asked to build an opt in page and a 2 step bridge page and connect them to an autoresponder to promote an affiliate product or our own product.

I downloaded and tried a couple of WordPress page builders but have not got the hang of them yet so I will have to watch some more of the tutorials before I can build my pages.

Short Post this week so I will now get back to finding a page builder I can use


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