My Life For The Future

Today I am doing the Quick Start Challenge Week 2 Challenge.

The webinar for the second week discussed Income Streams and was followed by giving us the challenge of Designing our Dream Life and how we would fund it.

As I am now approaching pensioner age and having spent my whole working life in various manual jobs I have in the last couple years found I can’t do the work I could a few years back and have decided I need to slow down a bit.

An Internet business has always interested me and I have had a few attempts at getting one up and running but never getting over the final hurdle to actually making money from it.

This time I have decided to have a couple of mentors (Craig and Dean) get me on the road to getting a proper business running rather than a hobby business and focus on what they are teaching.

Starting a blog is the first step.

Now I have started on this journey I hope I will eventually get to the stage where I can have a decent income from the business which I can carry on with when I eventually retire from my day job.

Now to my dream life I would eventually like to have through my internet business.

One of the things I have always wanted to do is live by the sea in a warm climate.

Spain is a country I have visited on many occasions and love it, I know it may not be some peoples dream location but liking beer, pubs, bars etc plus sand and sea, the Costas in Southern Spain would be one location I would love to live, but I would also like to keep some roots in the UK again by the sea in Southern England.

I am still quite fit and still enjoy doing manual work so as well as the Internet business I would like to keep my hand in as long as I can, possibly doing a bit of gardening, grass cutting etc.

I am single at the moment, so a partner would be part of my dream life, a 5’6 slim woman 15-20 years younger than me who is also my business partner would be ideal.

As for transport I have always driven pick ups and would love to own a large American pick up of any make possibly an old one and a newish one.

Luckily I have never wanted a very extravagant lifestyle so my monthly income would need to be around $4 or 5000 a month.

My initial goal is to achieve $2500 a month which would allow me to do it full time and give up my day job.

My ideal day would consist of getting up around 9am to have breakfast, I would then spend the morning working on my internet business or my physical job.
Lunch would be around 1pm followed by spending the afternoon at the beach and going for a photo walk as I enjoy photography mainly with my iPhone.
In the evening I would spend a bit more time on the Internet business then either home or in a pub/bar finishing my day at around 12.00pm.

As I am not much of a writer I found this task quite hard, but having a vision of what your future could look like gives you that little bit more of an incentive to do the necessary work to get there.

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